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How can I economically protect my network from the increasing
array of cyber threats?


Unified Threat Management


Without FortinetFortinet combines the network security technologies offered by many vendors into one platform, pioneering the category of network security known as Unified Threat Management. Fortinet has combined these technologies on the most advanced and powerful architecture designed to more effectively identify and stop today’s more sophisticated malicious activity


Fortinet incorporates ICSA-certified Unified Threat Management technologies in a single ASIC-based appliance named FortiGate that is easy to install and manage. FortiGates are available in a complete line of security appliances which include anti-virus, stateful firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-spam and Web content filtering.


With FortinetModels scale from small office/home office to enterprise and managed service providers. The combination of models and features offer a compelling total cost of ownership. And, you don’t have to replace your existing solutions. With Fortinet, you can select the technologies that compliment your existing solutions.


FortiGate Provides:

  • Better security by providing a comprehensive Unified Threat Management Solution
  • Higher performance through ASIC-acceleration
  • Lower total cost of ownership by integrating best-of-breed security applications in a single device
  • Robust reporting, analysis and logging Centralized management


Secure Email


FortinetFortinet's FortiMail is a secure messaging platform that provides optimum configuration flexibility with enterprise-class anti-spam and anti-virus features to secure mission critical email applications. FortiMail's anti-virus technology extends full content inspection capabilities to detect the most advanced email threats.




Fortinet’s FortiClient offers mobile users, telecommuters, and home offices a solid solution with:

  • IPSec VPN Client
  • Personal Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Anti-virus with spyware detection and blocking


FortiClient provides the latest security technology without requiring complex user involvement. VPN policies can be centrally managed and pushed out to each client to simplify user setup and connectivity. Personal firewall and anti-virus components provide application monitoring, zoning, and registry monitoring to detect known and unknown threats. FortiClient protects mobile users when they can’t be protected by corporate security resources.