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Your Network Administrator Needs Support that is PRO Active.


WAN diagram Your data network, your WAN, your organization\'s lifeline is:

  • under constant strain from ever more demanding applications
  • under attack by predators and spies
  • overwhelmed by the sheer speed of constant innovation.


Knowledgeable partners and emergency backup have become a necessity. No one network generalist or even a team of them can be fully aware of all the constant change (good and bad) in the WAN world.


They need allies with specialized and focused knowledge. A set of eyes from an outside perspective can see the whole forest without having to keep the trees booted and connected.

You can spot and fix problems before the complaining and finger pointing starts. You can give right-of-way to mission-critical applications and special needs apps like voice and video. You can upgrade one application without crashing another.

Are these tools affordable?

Is the alternative?


Waited too long for application to respond
Don\'t let this happen to
  workers in your remote offices.
The pros at Florance & Associates have studied the problems and the solutions. They\'ve evaluated WAN optimization, acceleration and security devices and applications. They know some products that work and some to avoid.



Florance can evaluate your network and reveal configuration dilemmas, performance issues and security risks. They can demonstrate solutions to most problems. They can change your focus from reactive to proactive, without breaking the bank. And with no harm to your current infrastructure or business practices.


Enhance Your Investment with Certified Training.

An application performance boosting appliance is only as good as the people that configure the hardware, set traffic flow priorities and policies and analyze and respond to reports. Florance & Associates can teach your administrators the fine points of these powerful solutions and ensure they get the greatest possible performance increases and maintain the ultimate user experience. Contact us about training on demand, your place, your tools.


And Florance will get you ready for the future, with critical examination of projects, resource planning, product testing and readiness evaluations. Contact Florance for a no obligation conversation about your network and the obstacles you face.