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The Terms "Network" and "Issues" Never Sound Good
in the Same Sentence.

A quick evaluation of your networks can reveal configuration dilemmas, performance issues and security risks. We at Florance & Associates Consulting help you diagnose problems and can demonstrate solutions in most cases.

We\'ll change your focus from reactive to proactive, without breaking the bank. And with no side effects to your current infrastructure or business practices.

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Blue Coat PacketShaper gives you Layer 7 visibility, policy-based control and data compression
Manage and Accelerate WAN Traffic with Intelligent
Visibility-Based Tools.

Blue Coat (formerly Packeteer) PacketShaper\'s intelligence based WAN optimization enables you understand what traffic is on your network so you can apply the appropriate technologies and procedures to ensure optimized flow. The goal is managing traffic flow to optimize application performance, minimize WAN latency and reduce current and future bandwidth requirements. More...

Identify Users and Apps, Accelerate and Secure WAN Links as Part of an Application Delivery Strategy.
Blue Coat ProxySG and associated products otpimize and secure your WAN links
Blue Coat\'s intelligent ProxySG gateways and clients accelerate and secure mission-critical traffic on your WAN. Their global collaboration-based WebFilter aligns Web usage with your organization\'s policies. Their ProxyAV (anti-virus) appliance and comprehensive user-monitoring Reporter deliver additional security. The Director appliance and PolicyCenter application simplify enterprise-wide Blue Coat deployment and administration. More...
Ten Feet of Data Through a Five Foot Gate?

If you\'ve tried to send large file attachments via email, you know a lot of mail servers, firewalls Accellion and screening devices will delay, corrupt or reject them. You and your co-workers could employ FTP but it\'s complex and not user-friendly. Accellion provides a Web file transfer system that is secure, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. More...

Are There Barbarians at that Gate?

Fortinet pioneered integrated network security solutions and leads the category against today’s Fortinet constantly changing threats. They offer an innovative platform that consolidates all the essential security applications and services required to enable a safe and private communications environment. More...

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